Take Heart! Jesus is With Us Always.

God appears in so many unexpected ways. Take Jesus, for instance. He was one unexpected appearance! God became like us to Love us even more. When Jesus arose from the dead and appeared to the disciples, they certainly didn’t expect it.

All last week we heard from Scripture how Jesus kept appearing to the disciples. He appeared in the upper room where the frightened disciples had gathered. He appeared as a gardener to Mary, as a fellow traveler on the Emmaus road, and as a dinner companion breaking bread.

Each time the disciples’ eyes were opened and they finally got it! Jesus would remain with them in a new way … but just as loving, just as present and just as powerful in their lives.

Discernment is about recognizing how Jesus is present in your life. It might be in unexpected ways and it might be in the middle of a difficult experience or it might be in the thick of a joyful, graced moment. How has Jesus appeared to you? How did you know it was Jesus? Was there a message that gave your life new meaning?

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