Beginning the Sacred Days of Holy Week by Sr. Ruth Ksycki

“Morning by morning God wakens, wakens my ear to listen…The Lord God has opened my ear…I did not turn backward…the Lord God helps me; therefore I am not disgraced; I have set my face like flint, and I know that I shall not be put to shame…” (Isaiah 50:4b, 5, 7)

This passage from Isaiah used on Palm Sunday gives me encouragement, hope, and desire to seek God.  Each day I can begin anew for God “wakens” my ear, rouses me, gives me a little (or big) shake.  Will I listen today?  If I do, I realize God is my rock.  I will stand erect and walk forward, not backward.  God will sustain me in my search, on my journey.  My desire will be strong “like flint,” and when it strikes the Rock will create a spark lighting the fire in my heart, revealing God’s love in a new way–often totally unexpected.  This is God’s promise.  During the sacred days of Holy Week may our sparks light up the world filling it with new life and peace.

One thought on “Beginning the Sacred Days of Holy Week by Sr. Ruth Ksycki

  1. It’s “striking” to image Rock and Flame next to one another . . . a mix of sturdiness and transformative energy.


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