Choices by Sr. Marilyn Hettinger

Disciples are sent by Jesus
to obtain a colt.
If questioned they are to answer
the Master has need of it.

Riding the colt
Jesus approaches Jerusalem.
A great crowd gathers
cheering and waving palm branches
and making a pathway with their clothing.
Shouts of jubilation are heard,
praising God for all the mighty deeds
they have seen.

Hosanna to the Son of David.
Blessed is he who comes
in the name of the Lord.

Sadly the cries of joyful acclamation,
in several days,
become angry shouts of
Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!

Holy Week, a prayerful time.
Listen carefully.

What does Jesus have need of from me?
How will I respond?
Hosanna –
or –
Crucify Him?

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