Another Chapter for Jesus … and for Us!

As the Christmas decorations in the Monastery are put away for this year, it saddens me.  Another great Season closes.  It just seems to go by so quickly.  Jesus was just born and yesterday he was baptized as an adult.  That was quick, wasn’t it?

With the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord another chapter begins in Jesus’ life as well as ours.  In fact, the Gospel readings last week awakened me to the real meaning of Christmas.  The readings were about Jesus’ early ministry of healing, teaching and feeding the people.  Christmas is not simply about the birth of a child.  It is about getting to the essence of God’s intention in Christ – going out to the crowds and proclaiming a new way of living.  Baptism and Christmas are intimately linked.

The message is clear.  John felt unworthy to baptize Jesus, however, Jesus insisted.  John was more than worthy to introduce Jesus to the world.  There are no particular credentials needed.  Only one thing matters and that is faith in Jesus as the Son of God.  John proves to us we are all worthy of Jesus.  Jesus proves that He needs us all to bring about a new way of living.  We are intimately linked to Jesus.

As we begin this new chapter of proclaiming and living our faith we are, once again, challenged to step up as Jesus did.  To find the neediest and love them.  To embrace our enemies.  To work for reconciliation and peace.  To bring about real change in a turbulent world.  We are intimately linked to the mission of Jesus.

It is easy to click on a link and open a new webpage.  Are you willing to click on a link and enter into the life of Jesus?  Are you doing it just to browse around or enter into the action of Jesus?

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