Our Private Bright Stars Lead Us on Wisdom Journeys

As we celebrated Epiphany on Sunday (although it really falls on Wednesday Jan. 6), I was left with several reflections. We have a gorgeous crib set up in our chapel and the appearance of the three Wise Men is always a clear symbol of they journey.  Prior to Ephiphany the three are set outside the crib area, as if on their way but not arrived!

We recognize the Wise Men’s faith and perseverance in the journey to Jesus. Imagine for a moment the risk involved for them. Herod is chasing them, trying to out-maneuver them to reach Jesus first. The three had some critical decisions to make if they were going to outwit Herod and protect Jesus from discovery. The bright star becomes a powerful symbol of God’s faithfulness to them in leading them to Jesus. I think it is wise of us to consider the courage of the three men in very dangerous times.

It is also important to recognize the specialness of the three Wise Men. It is all about gift, isn’t it. They bow down in worship and offer the best gifts they can think of to Jesus. It symbolizes their reverence, their faith and the gift of Jesus to our world.

God leads us with our own private bright stars, helping us know and follow Jesus. We each have our own journey of wisdom. It might be wise of us to bow down and offer our gifts to Jesus as well. If He were to be right before us – what would we give to Him?  What would symbolize our reverence, faith and belief in Jesus as our Savior?

One thought on “Our Private Bright Stars Lead Us on Wisdom Journeys

  1. That’s a beautiful question! I shall let it be my pondering today.


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