Coming Home

The last 8 days I have been away at a meeting at Annunciation Monastery in Bismarck, North Dakota. Then I stopped at St. Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph Minnesota. Both are vibrant Benedictine communities and have many ministries their Sisters are involved with. I have friends in both places and enjoyed catching up with them.

On my way back I stayed two nights with a former teacher at our Academy and also had dinner with a former student. In many ways, they live our Benedictine values. Their kids are great and they build family bonds and are very active in their local communities. They pray together and are active in their parishes.

I would say our community has affected my friends’ whole lives and now their families. What a match they found in us!

It is fun to visit other Monasteries and places, but it is great to return home. There is nothing better than our common prayer, our Sisters and our ministries. We have our uniqueness that just matches me. That is really a key question in your discernment – how does a community match you?

Come visit and find out!

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