Spirituality Newsletter

We are sending our newsletter – Connecting Point – to the printer today. If you would like to receive it, email your name and address to sflansburgpr@smmsisters.org. You’ll find articles about our Sisters, our spirituality, our ministries and our inquirers in it. We’d love to put you on our list!

2 thoughts on “Spirituality Newsletter

  1. Kim (Ottens) Platt

    I attended SMA in 1976. I would love to receive your newsletter! I am reconnecting and rekindling friendships on Facebook. I thought I would never see these people again, and I’m SO glad I have found this!
    Thank you in advance!

    Kim Platt
    20831 FM 79
    Sumner, TX

    Email: jeepnut0@yahoo.com


  2. Hi Kim!
    We will get you added. If you haven’t visited our FB page, here it is: http://www.facebook.com/BenedictineSistersStMaryMonastery


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