Never Alone

Pamela wrote a response to my last blog. She is caring for her mother during cancer treatment and just started a new position working with special needs adults. Her realization is ”I cannot do it alone”. It struck me from yesterday”s Gospel that the apostles had to learn to trust Jesus and realize they had no power on their own. When they failed to trust they fell into the water!!!

Trust is so key in all relationships. Most especially, it is key with our God. God is all mystery so it can be a difficult trust to learn. It certainly took the apostles a long time with Jesus, but when they trusted many great experiences happened. Trust is sometimes just hanging on when we are not sure of our next step; trust is finding the courage to keep our grasp firm. We learn we are not alone.

This last weekend, Vicki returned for another visit at the Monastery. She is a highly knowledgeable gardener and helped me tweak the veggie garden for our homeless house. She is a hard worker and we accomplished a lot. And she had plenty of time to enjoy the quiet, pray with us and just walk around the woods. She is an adventurer and traveler – and has the trust in God to recognize she is being nudged more deeply in her relationship with God. Where it will ultimately lead is not yet clear. She has many gifts and many paths to choose from.

She is a good example of that trust and holding on with a firm grasp – while taking steps to discovery the different paths available. God simply asks us to trust in Him through Jesus Christ..and the necessary path will be found in our lives. Pamela teaches us that with trust in God we are never alone..even in the most challenging times.

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