Building our Faith Homes

In Spring Green, WI, there is an attraction called the House on the Rock. When I was a kid my family went up there for a visit. I remember being awed by the architecture and how the house really was oddly shaped yet intriguing. In addition, it was build on a huge rock and part of the house kind of hung in mid air.

That image popped to mind today as we listened to the Gospel in which Jesus warns us to build our house on rock which is stable and can last forever. This image contrasted with building your house on sand which is easily washed away during even the slightest storm. I have always found this passage so rich in imagery that it is hard to miss Jesus”””” point!

Stability in Benedictine life is as a rock. It is what strengthens and secures us – the love of God in and through Jesus Christ. The storms and challenges come and go in each of our lives; the stability of faith and one another keeps us centered and strong.

We arrive at our faith home in different ways and through different experiences, each of us individually. Community, however, can ground us and guide us. That is the power of Benedictine life together. Community and prayer build solid homes.

What is your house built on and where do you want to build for your future?

One thought on “Building our Faith Homes

  1. It’s so true that we come to faith in differnt ways. Yet, with out community we have no chance at all in staying home in faith and can go crazy without it. 🙂


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