The Spirit as it Swirls

I have a glass paperweight on my prayer table that a wise women I know gave me years ago. It is round with a rich dark blue interior. The only object inside is a splash of white. It has a swirling appearance, hanging in mid air and little white specs surround it. It is almost like the energy of the object released little spots of energy.

My paperweight captures the idea of the Spirit and, in fact, that is what I call it. Spirit is pure energy from loving God. I imagine it twirling around and inside me that energy to do as I must. Perhaps specs of energy are caught by others I meet. That probably sounds crazy but it is the deepest way for me to express Spirit in my life.

God graces us with moments in life when we just know a peacefulness. Maybe an experience turns out just as we hoped but never dreamed possible. Or we let go of something, someone or some experience, and what we prayed for comes true. For me, that means Spirit is swirling around and caring for me.

How is your Spirit?

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