Another Great Visit with Inquirers!

On Memorial Day weekend, two women visited the Monastery to get a glimpse into our Benedictine life. Once again, it was a valuable experience for both the two women and for my Sisters. The 2 women, KO and MS, had 2 different personalities but one heart as both are learning where God wants them to be. KO has worked and lived on her own for nearly 28 years. She converted to Catholicism in the early 90’s, owns her home and enjoys involvement in many church related activities. She is not dissatisfied but is still wondering if God is nudging her to find more. MS has lived in the U.S. for 9 years. She was born, raised and educated in the Philippines but is a US citizen. She loves teaching and is working on her Illinois certification.

Once again, these two women represent the many women who have inquired about religious life. They are mature, skilled, solid in God, gathering information about religious life and getting deeper into reflection on where exactly God is calling them. Both have considered religious life before. KO has had friends suggest she might consider a vocation. MS has long thought she might have a vocation. She met cloistered Sisters and knew that was not where she was being called. She knows teaching elementary and/or secondary is one part of her vocation. Prayer and community are two other parts she is sure fit into her God life in some way.

It is always refreshing to meet women who are discerning about their place with God. And it is great when they are happy, solid women who are looking for more in their life. That is, I am learning, a good indicator of their seriousness. Neither KO or MS or PN (last week) are looking to escape some unhappiness. They are looking for a deeper meaning in their lives.

What are you looking for? What are you looking at? Where do you need to look to find more answers?

One thought on “Another Great Visit with Inquirers!

  1. Right know it seems like I’m finding more questions then answers but I diffently feel like I’m heading in the right direcation.


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