Immersion in Jesus

One of my favorite characters in the Gospels is John the Baptist.  His story is essential to Advent – for he prepares us for the Coming of Christ.  Jesus and John, as we know, are only months apart.  Mary went to visit Elizabeth during their pregnancies and a close relationship between their sons began.

John is unique in the Gospels. He is the first to believe in Jesus as Savior and he has the profound role of not only urging others to believe but to actually baptize Jesus in the Jordan.  This Baptism begins the public ministry of Jesus.  This very public and ‘rabble rousing’ role leads John to eventual death.

I had a retreat several years ago around the figure of John the Baptist.  His motioning to me was an invitation to step into the water along with Jesus and enter more fully into His Life.   Just picture John in the Jordan River motioning you to come forward, to choose Christ as your Savior and to follow Jesus.  Even though we are already believers John is challenging us to take a deeper walk with him.  Picture his motioning you to come closer, come deeper and get fully immersed in the life of Jesus.   John may be another Holy Figure that understands your discernment.

Try taking some prayer time to imagine John inviting you into deeper relationship with Jesus. How does that feel? What is John inviting you to be or do with you Life?  What holds you back from moving towards him?

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