Seeing God's Care through Your Family

You may recall Matthew begins his Gospel with an incredibly long family history. It was intended to show his audience of Romans that Jesus is a descendant of Abraham and therefore the long-awaited Messiah. If you can ignore the complicated names and focus on the connection generation after generation – well, then you get Matthew’s point. God’s care flows through the generations.

That Gospel passage was used today at Eucharist. It struck me that it is a good focus for discernment. One aspect of discernment is reflecting on your personal history.  When I was in graduate school I had to diagram my family trees for a family systems class. It really helped me to see the flow of my families, the faith connections, the influence on my life and how my family grounded me. I was in formation at the time and it was a good exercise to see how God worked through my family to form me.

I suggest a neat prayer for your discernment might be sketching your family tree(s). Who are your faith models? Who influenced your faith in your family? How does your family tree flow? How have you been formed by your family? You may find a faith history that speaks of God’s care of you, generation after generation.

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