The Risk of God's Call

Mary is a unique personality in the Gospels.  On December 8, we celebrated Mary, Mother of God, in our Church. Actually, we know very little about Mary in that there are not many details about her life. In the Gospel, we hear her accepting God’s challenge to bear Jesus and we learn what is most essential about Mary. Her trust and love for God, her deep faith that allows her to freely accept that she is to bear a child who is God’s Son. Here, we get a glimpse of real humility.

The figure of Mary brings alive the Faith that enables us to accept any call or challenge that may seem impossible but, nonetheless, is what God asks of us. Mary remains a woman of deep prayer, deep faith and deep Trust as she accepts the risk of God’s call.

Mary is a wonderful incentive for anyone in discernment. Her quiet listening to God’s desire and her gracious acceptance of the impossible is a model for our own discernment journey. We must listen with our heart and trust with our Faith that God is leading us in the way we must go.

In our Church we have the ‘communion of Saints’ to pray to and seek guidance from. Mary is a good Saint to pray to about what you hear and what God is desiring of you. Mary can inspire our listening and acceptance of what might seem impossible. Ask her to help your decisions and ask her to help you listen with an open heart, just as she did.

Religious life in our eyes might seem impossible. Look to Mary for her enduring perspective.

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