A Discernment Walk with God

The Gospel at this mornings Eucharist really struck me in a new way. Perhaps you remember the story in Matthew’s Gospel about the man who built his house and sand and it slipped away while another man who built his house on rock remained sturdy?  Often this story is interpreted as whether our foundation with God is one built on sand or on rock.

Today this familiar story had a new twist for me. I pondered the rocky and sandy experiences of my life.  While I am secure in knowing God is my foundation, I found myself wondering about experiences that strengthened my walking with God’s Will and experiences that were obstacles to my walking with God.

It’s worth reflecting on your own experiences. Which have seemed to confirm the path God’s asking you to consider? Which have seemed to lead to obstacles to that path? In reality that is what discernment impels us to do – ponder the many experiences we have in light of God.

What feels like sturdy footing and what feels as slippery as sand? Offer them both to God.

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