Watching for the Lord

On the First Sunday of Advent the Gospel ended rather starkly. The last word uttered was watch. That word has stuck with me since. It is a stark reality of what our lives must be about: Watch for the Lord who comes in many unexpected ways. I am not saying life is fragile and can be sniffed out at any moment. I am saying we must be alert for how the Lord enters our daily lives.

Today I was reflecting on the idea of sacred space within us as essential to our connection with God.

In discernment we must find that sacred space within us where we can listen and know the presence of God in a deeply moving way. It is that part of us that connects us with the Mystery of God, as well as the knowledge that God is within and with us always. It is the part of us we treasure each time we pray as well as with every breath. It is that sacred space within that encourages us to watch.

At the end of each day a good discernment practice is to enter that sacred space where you know God deeply and share with God those moments during your day that you watched and noticed God present. By reflecting on these daily moments you can often see the pattern emerging of a loving and present God who is tugging at you to follow. We often want signs pointing to what God wants of us. A ‘watch’ attitude will help reveal those signs. Reflecting on them each day will give you direction in your discernment. Try this tool for Advent.

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