Time to Wait, Time to Prepare

I find the Advent Liturgical Season the richest and most fundamental for my life.  As we listen to Prepare the Way of the Lord and Come Oh Come Immanuel, we join with humanity in waiting for Christ to come.

Advent serves as a great tool for discernment.  It is the perfect time to take stock of the past year and to prepare – to set goals – for the coming year.

Try this Advent tool to take some prayer time and review your discernment. In what ways have you grown?  What ‘pros’ have you found over the year?  What fears have surfaced and now tug at you?  What areas do you want more information about?  It is always helpful to make lists and have them in a special place to glance at when you pray.  This list becomes your priority for your discernment.

Try this helpful aid for your discernment about religious life.  In my last blog I suggested you rummage through the Old Testament Prophets and read their call stories.  Hopefully, you made some connections with their experience, fears and questions.  Now with Advent just days away, I suggest you take your insights and make some Advent Resolutions for your discernment.

You might commit to learning about one of the Prophets that stirred you as a way to notice God’s intimate care and love?  Maybe that Prophet will give you courage as you make future choices.  Any of the Prophets can help deepen your Advent Resolutions because in many ways their stories are ours.  We are all called to follow God, and all calls are challenging, both back then and here and now.

Your Advent Resolutions become your discernment prayer.  You don’t have to make long a list. Try to focus on simple steps to help you build your relationship with God and what you are experiencing.

I welcome your insights and suggestiong for future topics.  I welcome your sharing of Advent Resolutions as your steps may help other women.

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