The Psalms: A Dialogue with God

bible with psalm

A bunch of poems are sandwiched between Job and Proverbs in the Old Testament. Scholars believe they were written both during King David’s time and decades later, by indeterminate authors.

They are the Psalms, and have been prayed for 2500 years.

What are they, exactly? Just a collection of complicated verses from long ago? Or sentiments that express every single human emotion, as fresh today as when they were written? Continue Reading

Psalms: A Prayer for Every Feeling

Benedictine-Sisters-Jackie-Walsh-Claudia-Scharf-Catherine-Cleary-Susan-Hutchens-(piano)-Stefanie-MacDonald-at-LaudsSandwiched between Job and Proverbs in the Old Testament, scholars believe the Psalms were written both during King David’s time, and one or two hundred years later, by indeterminate authors.

Jews have been praying them for 2500 years; Christians, since the time of Christ.

But why? What are the Psalms but a collection of hard-to-understand poems from a time utterly different from our own? What gives them their life? Of what importance can they be to us, today? Continue Reading