Springtime for your soul: A Lenten/Easter mini-retreat


By Sister Mary Core, OSB

Spring is the perfect season for spiritual renewal! This 15-part online mini-retreat is perfect for anytime you need a breath of fresh air … or maybe even a change of mental scenery. Follow the links for the spiritual nourishment you need to take a new look at yourself and the world around you:

Easter: Personal Emmaus/Resurrection Moments

Mid-Week: Let it Shine!

Holy Week: Be the Light

Mid-Week #6: Persevere!

Week #6: What Do You Want Me to Do for You?

Mid-Week #5: Letting Go to Move Forward

Week #5: See, I’m Doing Something New!

Mid-Week #4: Walking WITH God

Week #4: Do Justice! Love Goodness!

Mid-Week#3: How Weakness becomes Holiness in God’s Hands

Week #3: Finding Strength in Weakness

Mid-Week #2: Sitting Still with God

Week #2: Be Still and Know I Am God

Mid-Week #1: Who is Your Sun, Soil, Rain?

Week #1: Be a Grain of Wheat

Sister Mary is a Catholic Benedictine Sister of St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, IL. To learn more about our community, visit www.smmsisters.org. Blessings!