Walking WITH God


The word “Lent” actually literally means Springtime, the perfect season for renewal! Here’s Sister Mary’s mid-week pick-me-up for the “mini-retreat” that will refresh your soul throughout Lent. Here’s a list of all of the weeks’ posts.

By Sister Mary Core, OSB

Earlier this week, we reflected on a verse from scripture that I love: “You have been told, O mortal, what is good, and what the Lord requires of you. Only to do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

Let’s reflect on the “walk humbly” part a little more.

Humbly means attentively, carefully, prudently, circumspectly, and yes, even submissively. 

It does NOT mean carelessly, arrogantly, proudly, or in a self-willed way.

When we walk humbly, we walk with God. We neither run ahead nor lag behind.

Why? Because, we can only be attentive to God’s word and plan for us when we are in step with God.

When ego arrogantly charges in, there is no walking with, because ego wants to lead and be in control. When we are inattentive, we miss all cues.

Think of shared walks with a friend. The sharing, listening and learning that can happen are quickly lost when one person is racing ahead or dragging, distractedly behind.

That little word “with” is so important!

If the walk is going to be humble it needs to be with,  beside, in step, together.

You can walk with, run with, stroll with, sit with, even just be with. But remember you need the “with” to succeed.  So, “Walk humbly with your God.”

Questions for reflection …

* Have you been able to walk with God this week?

* When have run ahead, doing it your way?

* When have you felt hesitant to do it God’s way, choosing instead to stand still or lag behind?

* What have been some moments when you were aware of “walking humbly” this week?

* Does “walking humbly with” make doing justice and loving goodness any easier?

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