Radical Hospitality: A 9-Part Love Song

welcome sign smm

Today we begin a 9-part story – it’s a love song, really – about practicing hospitality in our lives.

It’s about how – and why – to welcome ourselves … to welcome one other … to welcome God.

It will change our hearts in more profound ways than we can predict.

Join Sisters Catherine, Margaret, Charlotte, Marlene, Mary, Stefanie, Marianne, Helen and Rita as they share their wisdom.

Part 1: Let All Guests Be Received as Christ

Part 2: I Will Be Me so You Can Be You

Part 3: When the Stranger is You

Part 4: When Fear Guides Us

Part 5: Choosing hospitality despite rejection

Part 6: Welcoming Jesus Christ in ourselves

Part 7: Entertaining Angels (while caring for ourselves)

Part 8: Put a Candle in Your Window

Part 9: 3 Ways to Practice Hospitality

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