You Need Leisure … So Take It!

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By Sister Mary Core, OSB

Benedict was a very smart fellow. He knew the importance of leisure time and planned it into the Monastic day.


Because we all need time to regenerate.

The word leisure has its root in the words “allow” and “permit.” When we take leisure time, we allow ourselves to be renewed.

In leisure, we can be creative and free. In leisure, we give ourselves permission to “do something for me.”

Not a selfish something, but something which enriches, enlivens, renews, deepens us to be better. More present to ourselves and to others.

Leisure is not being lazy! Leisure is making space in our lives to tune into the gifts, the needs, the aspects of who we are, in order to be enriched by the very gifts God has given us.

When we take time for leisure, we improve our ability to be mindful, present, open, peaceful, and caring with ourselves and others.

We all experience leisure in different ways. Thus, it is important that we allow for the differences in the expression of leisure, that we may better support one another.

If we spend time in regenerating, rebuilding and rejuvenating ourselves through leisure, we are become members of our community.

That is, if I am attentive to me, I can be more attentive to you and to God.

So, what do you do to relax?

What are the fruits of your relaxation?

How does it benefit you and others?

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