God’s Early Morning Gifts


Walking on an early summer morning, Sister Sheila is greeted by the sun. The darkness of fall and winter beckons her as much, as she prays her rosary and gives thanks for God’s gifts.

By Sister Sheila McGrath, OSB

Peaceful … quiet … dark. What am I describing? My morning walk!

God’s gifts are so evident as I take my morning walk at the beginning of each new day.

Quiet and dark early morning walks welcome me as the rhythm of the day begins.

My finger rosary leads me along the road as I remember my community, family and world needs.

Birds singing their musical tunes awaken me to the surprises, possibilities and challenges of a new day.

Each day is like a blank check. Who knows what will be written on the Pay to the Order of line? What person or occasion during the day will call on me to be in harmony with God’s plan for me this day?

The moon and stars, on some days, illumine the streets. Other days, it can be quite dark. And that’s how life can be.

God’s presence in creation reminds me I am not ever alone.

God is with me in grief when a sad phone call is received … with me in joy when someone reports being given good results from a medical test … with me in gratitude when a meeting has moved along well.

A mother deer and her 2 fawns frolic ahead as I move along the street. They stop as I grow near.

It’s interesting to see the mother deer being watchful while the fawns just stand – curious – and watch me walk past them.

I trust I will have some of that curiosity and energy as I meet various ministries and people during the day.

These morning walks help me to meet each step of the day spiritually, physically and mentally.

How grateful I am to have the health and mobility to begin each day in this way!

One thought on “God’s Early Morning Gifts

  1. Great photograph of a Super Sister, and I love reading personal stories like this piece, which give me inspiration to grow into a better person.


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