4th Sunday: Opening Our Eyes

geese swimming

By Sister Catherine Cleary, OSB

Today’s Gospel relates the story of the blind man who asks to be cured (John 9: 1-41). The man comes to Jesus, who anoints his eyes and sends him to wash in the Pool of Siloam. He washes and is cured.

The trouble is, Jesus has now broken the law against working on the Sabbath! This puts the Pharisees in a difficult position. If they acknowledge that Jesus has performed a healing on the Sabbath, it means that Jesus is legitimate and that  the Sabbath can be violated. (This is part of the case they are building against him.)
Like the Pharisees, sometimes we refuse to believe that God is at work in our daily lives. We are bent on following rules and laws, even if it means people get hurt. Sometimes, we are willfully blind.

The Sunday Lenten Gospels focus on death and healing and God’s promise of new life.

Jesus meets us in inhospitable and unlikely places to show us how to grow new life within ourselves: the desert, the mountaintop, at a well that won’t quench our thirst.

Today, he meets us in our own blind spot, again to bring new life and mercy. To bring light.

Christ’s love is everywhere, bringing whatever is good into our lives. His presence surrounds us. He enlightens us in our daily blindness. He is the Light.

May the God of all goodness open our eyes to the people we refuse to see, to the poor, the homeless, the hungry. To those without hope.

Grant us the generosity to open our eyes to all who need our help … no matter when or how.

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