Welcoming new volunteers


We are pleased to welcome 2 new volunteers to share our lives, prayer and spirituality.

Here’s the prayer Sister Sandra led us in, as we began our lives together:

Mary and Lori, it is with joy that the Sisters welcome you to share our life in the coming days and weeks.

Your presence with us is already a blessing from God.  And our hope is that you will experience this time as one of growth and deepening your relationship to Jesus and the Gospel path to life.

Sisters, I invite you to stand and extend your hands in blessing.  Please respond ‘Amen’ to each prayer.

Mary and Lori,

May your participation in our prayer and liturgical life
lead you to recognize and celebrate the God who lives within you. 

May your participation in our community life
 help you to grow in love and respect for others and in appreciation of your unique giftedness.

May your participation in service among us
open your hearts to the needs of others and deepen your commitment to live the gospel of Love.

May God bless us all as we share this journey as disciples of Jesus and followers of Benedict and Scholastica. 

Learn about our Volunteer program!

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