The Holiest of Moments


By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

We are advised all the time to “live in the moment.” Sounds good. But it’s hard, when you have a million things to do (and unfinished business nagging you from yesterday).

Lucky for me, I happened to read a blog about “being engaged in the holiest of moments.”

That stopped me. All moments are holy … and made present to us as we make ourselves present to them.

The writer advised us to “Stop for just a second and hear Him gently whisper, ‘wake up to the life around you, my child. Awaken your senses to the people and places and my presence in this life, and I will wrap you up in light.'”

I needed that. I’ve been getting ready for school to begin, and for our annual Labor Day vocation retreat. Always looking ahead.

Which we need to do … to an extent. We also need to engage in the moment. To honor the holy:

To connect with the child who catches my eye and smiles. To relish the experience of my Sister leaning over to wish me a blessed day. To be truly present to another Sister in health care.

As we end our summer and begin our fall activities, let’s awaken our senses to the people and places and Presence of the moment … and be wrapped in the Holiest of Light.


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