Wisdom Story #2: The Gift of Change


Ask a Catholic Benedictine Sister for her wisdom, and she’s likely to tell you a story. Why?  Because wisdom comes through listening and being. This is the 2nd story in our Wisdom Series.

At 98 years of age, Sister Mary Jean Feeney credits change as a tremendous teacher. She shares a story from her own life as an example:

“I was a teacher for 40 years before being called home to the business office as Treasurer. It was a surprise. I was a math teacher and had no accounting background. I was 65 years old.

“I was asked to think about it. It was most challenging in my life to be going along, satisfied, and all of a sudden be called to something completely different.

“I realized I had promised, when I became a Benedictine Sister, to do what was needed for the community, so I said yes.

“I went up to Notre Dame to learn accounting and computer skills. You know, every cloud has a silver lining: I found great satisfaction in learning a new skill.

“The change turned out to be a blessing. I got to enjoy accounting as much as I enjoyed teaching.

“I’ve found joy in whatever I’ve done. It’s taken patience and perseverance.

“Everybody has ups and downs. The downs aren’t just bad. They’re alerting us to something that we shouldn’t miss.”


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