Our (Catholic) Family Traits


By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Jesus’ discourse goes on to reveal that there are certain family traits – ways of thinking, acting, and speaking – that identify us as God’s people and his brothers and sisters. Fr. John Meoska, OSB

Families do tend to share traits, don’t they?

Some are more demonstrative, some are more reserved. Mine is warm and open.

How about yours?

How about our Catholic family? What traits do you think we share with – and show to – others?

Jesus gave us himself, to carry out his teaching as part of God’s family. Do you think people see that?

Do they recognize us as the welcoming, caring, healing, forgiving family members we are supposed to be?

Do they see in us corporal works of mercy, care for the earth, care for others, kindness, love, respect?

Do they see us living what we say we live?

If not, what do they see?

As a member of the Benedictine Sisters, I also wonder whether I uphold the valued family traits of my religious community: hospitality, listening, prayer, service.

As St. Benedict says, we live in the “school of the Lord’s service.” So every day presents an opportunity to learn how to uphold those traits, again.

How about you? What family traits do you work to uphold?


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