How to Be True to Yourself


By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

“We live in a world that talks about individualism and then expects everyone to conform – in styles, in priorities and in ideas.(Sister Joan Chittister, Following the Path)

How ironic, to herald individualism as a badge of honor but expect everyone to be just like us. Let me tell you, choosing religious life gets you off that wheel fast.

Becoming a Catholic Sister is about as counter-cultural as you can be. Many inquirers say they are afraid to tell their families and friends that they are thinking about it, because it’s so DIFFERENT.

But we are called to be true to ourselves. To let go of the trappings of our public selves and become our true selves.


Begin by sitting in silence … in the language of God. Just be. Let God work within you, to call you to your true self, as a follower of Christ.

End every day measuring “whether what I am doing is serving my false self, my public self or my private self … the self is always the greatest strength, the greatest gift we have to give. If we do that, it is then, the call is heard and the gift can be given.”

But, watch out: you may find yourself becoming a radical, counter-cultural Catholic Sister.

As always, I’m available to talk: or (309) 283-2300. ❤

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