Lenten “Lollipops”


We have all changed someone’s life — often without even realizing it. Drew Dudley calls on us to revisit our “lollipop” moments – the moments when someone has made a wonderful difference in our lives – and thank those who made them possible.

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

I hope you’ll watch this wonderful, funny and inspiring TED Talk. The speaker urges us to share our “lollipop” moments … moments where someone made a huge difference in our lives, and maybe doesn’t even know it. He urges us to thank them.

So here is one of my treasured lollipop moments.

A fellow teacher saw that I was having a rough time. One of my students was troubled, and the parents wanted to blame someone. Me. I was crushed.

My fellow teacher, Nancy, suggested we go out to talk about it. Thanks to her initiative, I was able to work through the problem.

Over the years, we have developed a wonderful friendship that has nourished the both of us. I wouldn’t be the same without it. Thank you, Nancy, for starting our friendship!

As the TED presenter says, we do all kinds of things that we may not consider important … whether good or bad. They can change other people for life.

This Lent, let’s try to pay more attention to our actions. Let’s try to be mindful of how we speak, look at and interact with others. Let’s try to make ourselves purveyors of good lollipops, whether we ever know about them or not. And let’s tell those who have helped us, thanks.

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