Pull off the covers and get up!

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

We are called eventually to get up, pull off the covers, get out of our comfortable existence. It is life-giving to go outside. – Br. Guy Consolmagno (Give Us This Day)

I remember the day as clearly as yesterday. I was sitting in a meeting with my superintendent, my principal and other teachers learning how wonderfully our Catholic school system was doing. We were thriving; the future was bright. My future was … unknown, to say the least.

I had applied to enter the Benedictine Sisters’ St. Mary Monastery. I felt nearly paralyzed during the meeting. What was I doing? Why in the world would I leave this sure thing, this wonderful job and staff? Catholic schools were closing their doors throughout the country. Here I was, at a successful and growing school. Was I crazy????

Later, I talked with a good friend over lunch. I shared all my fears and concerns with her. I told her I was extremely uncertain about leaving the security and comfort of this wonderful place. She reminded me of what I had told her earlier. I told her I was responding to God’s call.

She was right for me, and maybe for you. Nobody wants to give up the comfort of her everyday life. We want to know what to expect. We want to know what we’re doing tomorrow and the next day!

But God’s call is certainly for us to throw off our covers and get up. I listened to my friend, pulled the covers off my comfortable life and walked outside to truly live the life God was calling me to.

Throw off your covers … and discover if this is the life God is calling you to live!

Contact me any time: smacdonald@smmsisters.org!

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