When we say "Yes" to God

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

This morning we celebrated the 50th Jubilees of 2 Benedictine Sisters. Sisters Judith Ann and Rachel said “Yes” to God 50 years ago. What a difference their “yeses” have made to us all!!

Many people remember their milestone Yes moments – no matter what their call.

Pope Francis’ milestone happened at the age of 16 when, after the sacrament of confession, he left with the strong feeling that God was calling him to the service of the church.

Mine happened during a call from a family friend who asked if I had ever considered religious life.

For my parents, it was meeting at a retreat in college and going on a walk.

Whether we remember them or not, we all have milestone Yes moments … or will have when we say yes to God’s vocation for us!

Our yeses change lives, and not just the lives of those who are doing the answering. I’m sure Pope Francis never thought that, when he said yes to God’s call all those years ago, he would become pope and spiritual leader for the entire Catholic church.

When I said yes I didn’t realize I would end up being a Benedictine Sister in Rock Island, Ill., teaching little ones at Grace Academy.

When my parents said yes to each other I am sure they did not image 3 daughters or 3 grandsons.

We don’t know where our yeses will lead, but our job is to say Yes to God … and let God be our guide.

Thank goodness Sisters Judith Ann and Rachel said Yes. They have enriched the lives of their Sisters beyond measure … and all who have been touched through their loving ministries. Thank you, Sisters, for saying Yes for us all!!!

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