Winter? Who cares? It's the season of Downton Abbey!

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

Sunday this week began as usual. I woke up late (well, late for me, 7:00), had some coffee and got ready for the day. Then I went downstairs for a 2nd cup and to do some spiritual reading before Lauds.

The snow-covered lake and woods glittered in the sun. Saturday’s snowfall had been beautiful – and still was – but the roads were bad. And the temperature was supposed to start falling. So I decided to work from home instead of driving in to school.

Lauds and Mass were especially beautiful, and brunch was delicious. Our dining room is directly under the chapel. Each is lined with floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s not unusual to see deer, eagles and even an occasional fox outside! Today, however, just the glittering snow.

I went to the computer lab to start work, and received an exciting email: Due to the extreme cold (it was forecast to be 20 below that night), school had been canceled for Monday. A snow day! YAY!

Then the news got even better: Sister Jackie reminded me that tonight was the season premiere of Downton Abbey.

Well, we’ve been waiting patiently all year for the season to begin. This was Big House news!!

So, after Compline, we gathered around the TVs in our living groups (we live in 5 wings, each of which has 6 bedrooms, a living room and small kitchen) to catch up with the Grantham family … and were not the least bit disappointed. I won’t tell you what happened in case you plan to watch it later.

Bottom line? Who cares what the season is outside! It’s Downton Abbey season inside. Next Sunday after Compline, you’ll find us here, popcorn in hand!

One thought on “Winter? Who cares? It's the season of Downton Abbey!

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