Finding Your Own "Where"

By Sister Stefanie MacDonald, OSB

In today’s reading the Magi ask where they are being called. “Where is the newborn king of the Jews?”

Where, indeed?

That’s a big question at times in our lives. Where should we go to college? Where should we live – and work – after college? Where is God leading us?

When we come to the big “Wheres” in our lives, we need to pause, think, listen, discover, talk and visit. Sometimes other people and circumstances help us do this.

When I was in college, for example, I was required – as a first-semester education major – to visit a classroom once a week. This helped me discover whether it was the right career path.

The same went for religious life. I had to listen to, learn about and visit the communities I discovered I was interested in. Not only did this help me choose the Benedictine Sisters, it helped me discover – just as in college – whether religious life was the right path for me.

So, as you ponder the Epiphany today, ponder your own questions. Where is God calling you? Come visit us. Take the time to listen and talk with our Sisters. Take the time to pause, slow down, think (our chapel is a wonderful place for that!), and pray.

Like the Magi, you just may discover your “where”!

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