Easter: The Energy of the Holy

By Prioress Sister Phyllis McMurray, OSB

Which story of the resurrection speaks to you most compellingly?

I have to say I have many favorite stories of the resurrection, a few of which are: Mary of Magdala meeting Jesus in the Garden, Peter and Paul racing to the tomb to verify the report of the women that Jesus had been raised from the dead, and the story of the two disciples meeting up with Jesus on their way to Emmaus.

Each story begins with sadness, doubt, and fear, yet the emotions shift to joy, excitement, and a renewed vitality to go forward and spread the word that Jesus had risen.

As I picture each of these events, feelings of hope and energy arise in me!

Fran Ferder writes in Enter the Story: Biblical Metaphors for our Lives, “Easter is the energy of the holy as it is nurtured in human experience. Easter energy cannot be confined to a tomb or narrated in a single story. Impatient to erupt into actions that heal and words that inspire goodness, the energy of Easter is like a sacred earthquake that shakes the foundations of doubt…It bursts forth in our lives whenever stones of fear and doubt are rolled away so new life can emerge.”

As we reflect on our favorite Easter stories, may the stones of fear and doubt give way to the energy of the holy and “erupt into actions that heal and words that inspire goodness.”

Have a glorious and joyfilled Easter!

2 thoughts on “Easter: The Energy of the Holy

  1. I felt so anxious during Good Friday, the reading is so somber, as it must be to remind us. The glorious Easter morning mass filled the church with such joy, it was a time to remember. In reading this I was reflecting back to the readings of Holy Week, Thank you


  2. Melissa,
    Thanks for your comment. All the readings of this past week recounted my favorite stories and today’s reading about Thomas doubting Jesus’ visit to the disciples is another important message for me. How often has my doubt gotten in the way of my remembering all the blessings I have been given in my life. It’s another day to be grateful! Blessings to you!


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