A Mirror of Lent

This morning as I looked out my window it occured to me that the view was like a mirror of my Lent.  At the beginning of Lent the trees, lake, and all were in darkness.  With no view of life it all seemed barren.  I felt this barrenness and realized that Jesus spent 40 days in the desert.

In scripture barrenness has always been a time of waiting for God to act, waiting with trust.       

Each day the scripture readings for Lent strengthen me in this trust.

Little by little light came earlier and I began to see the trees.  They were still barren looking, no sign of buds or green.  Still it was a time of waiting with trust that God would act, bring life.  Daily I did my little bit for Lent, trying to do for others with greater love.  Sometimes I failed in my hope to make Lent a more live-giving time for others and myself.

Soon the sun began to light the tops of the trees surrounding us.  Light began to be with me more often. Hope made efforts resume and become easier. Each day light came a little earlier and lit up more and more of my view.

Gradually, life – green life – began to return.  There were some buds visible on the trees and bushes.  A few flowers were blooming.  I began to see some small transformations in my life, a glimpse of Easter.

Now I see my life in terms of desert and new life, transformation and resurrection.  I wait with trust that God will continue to act in my life, transforming it in God’s love until full bloom, life in its fullness: that final and glorious Easter!

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