From What do We Need to be Untied?

By Sr. Catherine Cleary, OSB

Today’s gospel (John 33) tells us so much about the humanness of Jesus.  It reminds us that Jesus has very good friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus. As a good friend, he responds when his friends ask him to come because their brother has died.  He weeps when he hears that Lazarus has died. We seldom think about Jesus being annoyed, but the gospel tells us Jesus is “perturbed.” (11:33) Later we read, “Jesus was perturbed again.” (11:38)  What a human reaction to be annoyed (and his friends don’t get it)!

Then with great faith and trust Jesus prays a very simple prayer to his Father, “I thank you for hearing me.  I know that you always hear me.”

Let us take new energy and hope about our own prayer from Jesus’ words.  We feel Jesus is speaking to us … and maybe to us even when in a loud voice he says, “Lazarus, come out!”…”Untie him and let him go.”

As our final preparation for Easter, let us consider this question: From what do we need to be untied? What stone needs to be removed from our path?  Who will take the stone away? Read and listen to this gospel slowly and many times over. Ponder the words. Reflect on their meaning. You will begin to find your answers.

One thought on “From What do We Need to be Untied?

  1. Ingrid Gordon

    Modern life can be so busy and we frequently need to multi-task in order to get things done. This can be quite stressful and exhausting – our stomachs get “tied up in knots” and we trip over stones in our pathway. Some days it takes very little to make me “perturbed.”

    Lots here upon which to ponder…

    Thank you, Sister Catherine, for providing us with this gospel message for reflection.


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