A Powerful Way to Engage your Passions

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for me.  Everything fun and energizing, just plain BUSY.  First of all, I met with a 48 year old woman who is serious about our Benedictine life.  She has been serious for the past several years and thought about a couple of communities.  Then she picked up a brochure about our Benet House Retreat Center at her parish and was hooked to look deeper into us.  She emailed me of her interest and then I met her last week in Iowa City.  “Alice” is quite excited to have discovered a ‘balanced’ community! She is seeking that balance of ministry and prayer and community.  She is wanting to be a part of something more yet never found the right connect.  Until us, that is!!

Alice will be attending our March 25-27 Benedictine Experience as her first immersion and then planning a longer stay during her vacation time.  If you have not attended a weekend with us then consider coming in March.  It will be ‘At Home with Benedict’ and give an overview of our lives, social time and community prayer.  It is always a rich experience for women and gives them a deeper connect with us.

Recently, a group of Sisters and others completed the ‘finishing touches’ on a duplex being renovated to provide transitional housing for homeless women and children.  We are quite engaged in supporting peace and justice efforts in our Quad City area – as with this transitional housing – as well as throughout the world.  We contribute a percentage of our annual income to charitable causes as well as to programs that work at fundamental change.  We are dedicated to sharing our resources with others…from New Orleans and Haiti to such local programs as the food pantry, an evening meal site, and Quad City Habitat for Humanity, to name a few.  We might be a small community (52) but we have a tremendous heart.

You may be in the time of life where you are looking for your passion and wanting to be more vigorous about that search.  Or you might know your passion and are reflecting about the best way to live it.  Or you just might be interested in learning about our ‘balanced life’ or ways we share our caring heart with others less fortunate.   Community life as a Benedictine is one powerful way to engage your passions.

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