2 thoughts on “Scenes from the Chapel

  1. Hello,

    I would like to see more of your chapel. I am a good friend of the Liturgical Artist who did some work for your community.
    His name was Mario Agustin Locsin, he was connected with Robert Rambusch of Rambusch and Associates from New York.

    Sadly Mario passed away last December 2011 at the young age of 58. He was a very humble, quiet, unassuming fellow but a genius in his craft.

    I hope to make your acquaintance. I’d like to feature your resulting video in Mario’s memorial website.

    Also, would you know of anyone there in your community that might have known him. This person is more than welcome to leave a comment on Mario’s wall.
    The memorial website is http://www.mariolocsin.weebly.com.

    I created the website and also a special presentation of his lifeworks at his memoria that was held Feb 6, 2011.


    Georgia Tanaka


    • Dear Georgia,

      I am sorry for your loss and for the loss of a Liturgical Artist. I do
      want you to know that Mario was not connected with the design of our
      chapel. We are located in Rock Island, Illinois. And even the website
      does not list any work done in Illinois. I hope you find one of his
      works to visit.


      Sr. Phyllis McMurray


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