A Newsie Blog with Promise to Come

Recently I was involved in giving a Busy Person’s Retreat at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA.  It was a terrific experience and I companioned 7 girls and 2 guys.  It was kind of experience that renewed my hope that young people are interested in  deepening their spirituality and relationship with God. 

The BPR experiences focus on a particular prayer and scripture passage each day. Students are encouraged to spend a 1/2 hr in reflection and then 1/2 meeting with their spiritual companion.  Each of my students followed this practice and enjoyed the quiet prayer time.  Several had immediate issues to deal with and applied prayer to the situation.

I have participated in a number of BPR experiences, however, this was the most students I had at one time.  Each experience is always refreshing to me, however, this last one was really impressive because of the seriousness of the kids.

Sunday evening I was at Augustana College, Rock Island for their Sunday Eucharist.  They always have great music and a good chapel full of students along with some visiting parents.  I met up with a couple girls that work with me on a project with homeless women and children.  They are very devoted to making a difference and just love being involved in the project.  They are also very involved in campus Catholic activities.

Young people today are quite impressive to me.  They are often eager to learn more about their faith and learn ways to apply their faith to everyday life.

I have been thinking of topics for my part of this blog and, often, find myself wondering what would be relevant.  It struck me over the last week that an online retreat would be good.  It seems like a lot of work and then, I realized, that i could use the BPR format.  So that is what I will do!!!

I will keep you posted:)

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