St. John Lateran

Dispatch #7 from Sr. Bobbi

We visited the first church built in Rome. Erected by Constantine the Great in the 4th Century (and rebuilt and renovated several times), St. John Lateran is known as the Cathedral of Rome and the World.

We celebrate it as a feast day in the Church, but I never had a connection to it before now. It is magnificent! Everything is extraordinarily well preserved, and feels absolutely sacred. It has been a huge symbol of the earthly presence for centuries.

Relics are said to include the heads of Sts. Peter and Paul (above the High Altar), part of St. Peter’s communion table (inside the High Altar), and a cedar table that is said to be the one used by Jesus at his Last Supper (in the Altar of the Holy Sacrament).

“The cathedral was dedicated to the Savior on November 9, 318. It was embellished with beautiful decorations given by Constantine, including seven silver altars with seven gilded candlesticks inlaid with images of prophets; 111 chandeliers; and gold voil for the apse vault. Constantine also built the baptistery on the northwestern corner of the church, which still survives in its original form.” Read more and see great pictures. And visit our Facebook page for more pics from Sr. Bobbi – including some eerie ones from the Church of Bones!

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