Cloister Wall by Sr. Marilyn Hettinger, OSB

A unique wall encircles
St. Mary Monastery.
Mother Nature provides a wall
of green shrubs, trees and prairie grass.
As you enter
the sights, the sounds,
the peace, the beauty, the calm
proclaim the grandeur of God.

Yellow finches dart about.
A bluebird flashes by,
almost quicker than the eye.
A wren thrills us with song,
praising the Creator of all.
In brilliant red the cardinals add
their song to the chorus.

The Lake reminds us of
Life- giving water.
The blue sky is reflected
in the placid Lake.
A pair of geese glide over the water,
while a deer darts back into the woods.
Flowers of bright color
are spread over the monastery grounds.

The enclosure does not shut out,
but invites in, the companions on the journey,
to be recreated and renewed.
Hospitality is the hallmark.
All are to be received as Christ

The Sisters are surrounded with beauty:
the beauty of one another;
the beauty of the surroundings.
The rhythm of ora  et labora
fills each day.

Day is ending.
God’s fingerprint is seen in the glorious sunset.
Peace and serenity prevail
within the cloister of green.

3 thoughts on “Cloister Wall by Sr. Marilyn Hettinger, OSB

  1. Wonderful poem. Reading it makes me feel like I’m there at the monastery. The words, “cloister of green” paint a beautiful picture. Sister Marilyn has such a gift with words.


  2. This is so beautiful… it makes my heart cry out for my precious monastery… I know just how you feel about this quiet secluded place with Christ and the loving charity that pours forth from that house of prayer. The imagery is fantastic. God bless you!


  3. Vocation_admin

    Sadie, We post reflections from the Psalms every day on our Facebook page at Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery. Please join us there!


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