For Sister Beatrice Flahaven by Sr. Marilyn Hettinger

Sister Bea
Over sixty one years ago
you listened to God’s call
and you responded.
You became a God-seeker.
Fidelity to the monastic way of life
has been evident in your daily living.
Life was not without challenges for you
But with deep faith your faced the challenges
with a gentle smile and your Fiat.

Your gift of music
touched countless children and adults
to develop their musical talents.
With your encouragement and direction
cantors and choirs enhanced
the liturgical celebrations.
Your hours of practice
resulted in beautiful, inspiring music.
You more than “tickled the keys.”
You filled the church or chapel with
Wonderful melodious sound.

Now you are preparing
to answer another call.
A call to enjoy eternal peace and happiness.
To enjoy what eye has never seen,
nor ear has ever heard,
the wonder-filled heaven
prepared for those who love God.

The name Beatrice
means blessed, happy, bringer of joy.
You have lived up to that name.

Sister Bea died April 14, 2010.

One thought on “For Sister Beatrice Flahaven by Sr. Marilyn Hettinger

  1. A beautifully written poem for a beautiful lady. Thank you, Sister Marilyn.


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