Becoming New

It seems to me the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus we will celebrate in a few weeks is the most dynamic time of the year. It also strikes me, each year, that without the Resurrection it would not be very celebratory! It is the Resurrection that makes new life happen. Sadly, I suppose, we have to watch Jesus die to enrich us with Resurrection.

This brings a lot of responsibility to us. We have to prepare and be worthy of Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection. We have to prepare to be worthy to receive this new life He dies to give us. For me, Lent is about being made worthy for Jesus. It is about taking time to reflect, recognize changes needed and commit to being new.

God knows my limitations. God knows what needs to be changed in me. What is most important is that I know, I recognize and I commit to something new in my attitude, behavior and relationships. It might be addressing my procrastination, my consumerism, my ego, my pride, my selfishness or the many other areas I could seriously change! Lent is the time to narrow down the limitations, choose a couple to work on and then prepare to commit to newness come Easter.

What are those areas of focus for you? What do you recognize needs improvement and how can you go about becoming new?

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