Following Jesus' Example to Transformation

Recently at Mass I was struck by the Gospel about the wedding at Cana.  Jesus turns the water into fine, rich wine.  His mother was perturbed that the wedding couple were running out of wine and the reception was still in progress.  She calls upon her son to make more wine.  Jesus is reluctant but then does as his mother asks.  The twist is the wine was the best of any served.  It grabbed everyone’s attention and made the wedding reception even more special for the wedding couple. This same reading was a Sunday Gospel not but three weeks ago.  It is usually seen as the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.  The first miracle he works.

What struck me was the transformation that occurred.  First, Jesus was transformed from Mary’s son to the miracle worker.  He responds to his mother’s request even though he was not sure it was his time to begin his miracles.  I think we see Jesus transformed right before our eyes!!

Secondly, Jesus transforms regular water into a rich and lucious wine.  He takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.  Nothing is too regular or ordinary in his mind.  All is worthy to be transformed.

Not long ago I wrote about each of us going beyond what we think we are capable of.  I think I referred to the disciples who were just ordinary men and women who became transformed by their belief and faith in Jesus.  They were, maybe, not feeling ready for the job but did as Jesus requested.

So it is with us, isn’t it.  We are ordinary, regular folks being sought by God to go beyond ourselves.  More than that, we are being transformed by our faith in Jesus.  Jesus wasn’t sure about his first miracle but he did it at Cana.  His trust and belief in his mother made the difference.

Can we have that same trust and belief in Jesus to allow a transformation in our lives?  Where are we being led?  What are we being asked to do?  We have a powerful example of Jesus at Cana to follow.

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