The Word

“The Word Made Flesh – and Come To Live Among Us.”

We know the power of the word. Words of promise and vow, words of hope, words of love hold great depth and meaning for us. We are held captive by the written word of contracts, licenses, subscriptions and prescriptions. It is the spoken word, however, that often gives our lives the meaning we seek.

God’s Word has been the ultimate. God’s Word of creation in Genesis, God’s Word of Salvation in Exodus, God’s Words of Warning as well as Hope in the Prophets, God’s Word of Sadness in Lamentations and God’s Word of Wisdom in Proverbs. The Old Testament is about the power and promise of God’s Word.

On Christmas we celebrate the most profound Word in Jesus’ Birth. God’s Word is not merely spoken but becomes reality. It is beyond spoken or written – it becomes Us..Flesh. There is no greater Love in Life than the love of another human being. God uses that profound reality to make His Love for Us known. Jesus is Love and is One of Us.

Listen to the spoken Word, read the written Word – BELIEVE in the Word Made Flesh who encompasses all words.

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