"Send forth your love and your truth…"

“Send forth your love and your truth; let them guide me; let them bring me to the place where you dwell.” This verse from Psalm 43 is a good short prayer in Advent.  It reflects the heart of the Season as we draw closer and closer to the birth of Jesus.

Jesus’ birth signals the real love and truth of life. With the Advent season we are able to prepare ourselves to receive these gifts, as well as reflect on how we might deepen their impact in our lives.

How do we embrace Jesus’ Love and in what ways can we share it with others?

How does Jesus’ Truth energize us to own our strengths and limitations in such a way that we can authentically share it with others?

Advent is so rich in themes and insights that it is almost overwhelming.  So each day just focus on one meaning that can come alive a little more in your life today.  As the Birth of Jesus nears..the real focus will be ours to embrace.  As we take deeper ownership of Jesus in our lives we will know our lives better and we will be changed.  Jesus does lead us to know Him and how He dwells in our hearts.

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