Preparing for Advent by Sister Marilyn Hettinger

The season of Advent offers time to reflect on our readiness to celebrate the coming of the Lord.  We not only prepare to celebrate the historical coming of the Lord, the Infant, baby Jesus, be we also prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus.  The coming of the Lord at the end of time is the theme for the first week of Advent.

The second coming of Christ is described, in the gospel of Luke, in cosmic terms.  There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars and on earth the roaring of waves will cause distress.  Amid this frightening scene we are given hope.  We are told to raise our heads when these signs take place and as believers we can live with confidence and hope that we will be saved.

The scripture offers guidance on how to prepare for the Second  Coming of Christ.  Be on guard.  Stay mindful of what really matters in life, such as being in the right relationship with God, one another and one’s self.  Stay attentive to the movement of the Spirit.  Be prayerful.  Grow in friendship with Jesus.

We look forward to the coming of Jesus at the end of time with hopeful anticipation.  So we pray, Come, Lord Jesus, make room in our hearts for you.  Help us to be alert and ready for your coming.  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen.

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