On the (Busy) Road in Ames

This week I am at Iowa State University in Ames directing 5 students and 1 adult in a 4 day ‘Busy Person’s Retreat.’ What an awesome experience it has been!

My group of 6 are very reflective and eager individuals. It amazes me that these college students are very serious and sincere in the desire to know God more deeply, especially in today’s college culture of drinking and partying.

It has been refreshing to companion people who want to find their place in the greater world – yet cherish and nurture their God side. Each is looking for ways to deepen their prayer life despite their busy days, study demands and work schedules. In fact, all of them participate in Campus Ministry activities and take leadership in some events.

This has been a hopefilled and energizing week for us all. And as these people have opened the door into their hearts and lives in Ames, I will open the door into our monastic heart and life in Rock Island. I hope they will visit and partake of the peace we have to offer!

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