Blinded by the Light

One of the Bible’s greatest figures, Sr. Paul, was the focus of our liturgy this week.  Paul is a character for every person.  He has always been a favorite of mine.  Last summer, when I was in Rome, I had the opportunity to visit the church established on the site where Paul was martyred.  In the corner of the church was an altar symbolizing where he was beheaded.  Actually, to be quite graphic, his head rolled and bounced.  The main altar is located where his head landed.  Even though it is rather graphic I do appreciate the dramatic end of his life.  He suffered horribly due to his faith. Continue Reading

Discerning with St. Paul

This week I am in Louisville, Ky., for the National Religious Vocation Conference which is the professional organization for North American vocation directors. This is always an energizing time and a great opportunity to network and share vocation experiences. Our keynote speaker on Friday was the renowned Scripture scholar, Fr. Don Senior. His focus was on St. Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Paul’s journey was marked by extremes, beginning with anti-Christian activities as the early church struggled to carry on Jesus’ ministry and teaching. He was a violent man – dragging Christians out of their homes, beating those he caught and even cheering as Stephen was stoned to death. Continue Reading